Cracking Interview code-a few practical tips-II

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Dear aspirant friends
This is the 2nd part of the series on Interview skills.The idea behind this exercise is to provide you practical tips that might  give a sense of purpose,direction and clarity while preparing effective responses/answers to some expected questions/situations.Hence, I have not prescribed any one way of answering these questions or provided you any model answers,as it may affect your uniqueness .Always remember that One size does not fit all.Your responses must be reflective of your uniqueness, personal beliefs,values and hence avoid giving stereotyped answers.
Go thru the following Questions along with the tips :
1. What are your future plans ?
  • Always say that you want to be a software professional (software if you are being interviewed for TCS), preferably with TCS
  • Mention any specific area of interest/ technology platform on which you want to work (choose an area that might be relevant/available @ TCS)
  • Say anything that sounds achievable and credible (Don’t announce grandiose plans)
  • Entrepreneurship can very well be an option, but be ready to justify why you want to do a job first and then become an entrepreneur and then get ready to list out entrepreneurial qualities you presumably have.
 2.      Why do you want to join TCS?
  • Say that it’s the biggest employer
  • That it provides opportunities for aspirants from all places, urban or rural
  • That it has presence in many sectors, multiple technology areas and countries etc.
  • That it rewards meritocracy
  • Also, make sure you find a common area of interest. Like, if you are interested in any area of technology that is present @ TCS, you may mention that and say that you would like to be a part of TCS for that reason.
3.      What is the most challenging thing you achieved till today?
  • Sound credible
  • Mention a real life incident that is related to your professional area
  • Say why it was challenging and how did you face it.(Here you need to analyze and find out skills/qualities that you might have used in tackling the situation)
     4. Where can we see you in 5 years?
  • Say that you would preferably be in a more professionally challenging assignment,such as as a team lead or a project leader or on an abroad assignment
  • Say one that is achievable, measurable and credible.
  • Never exaggerate or boast of unrealistic goals
6.      What are your areas of Interest?
  • Tell the subjects or the broad area, not too many
  • Don’t mention just the titles, follow up with valid and credible reasons or motives justifying your choice
6.      Are u aware of the bond?
  • Say yes, and that you have no objection to it.
  1. If they ask you why you sign this, say that an opportunity to be a part of a reputed company like TCS is good enough a reason for signing up the bond. And that you believe that TCS is going to provide you the best possible professional growth opportunities.
  2. 8.      What about salary?
  • Say that you have knowledge of the fact that you are entitled to a fixed, pre-determined pay and one that you find acceptable and attractive.
  • In addition, say that right now your sight is on the job, the opportunity to be a part of TCS family.
  • Try to know the correct figure quoted in the notification.
  1. 9.      What is your favourite subject?
  • Name any one that you are comfortable with
  • One that has reasons to justify such as future potential, novelty/uniqueness or wide ranging applications in Research/development
  • Always give reasons justifying rather than just the title of the subject
Bye for now.
Expecting a couple of days of hard work and determined efforts