Interview skills- Practical tips

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Dear TCS aspirant friends of the final year B.Tech/MCAAt the outset, sincerely hope that in spite of the irresistible lure to indulge in festivities, YOU have kept the fire for TCS burning... Aptitude round ,well and truly, could be tough. And the only thing that can help you with this round is practice, practice and more practice...
Well, how about Interviews? Will that be tough or quite easy. My intuition says that it could be simple and not quite easy...To put in simple terms, your interview questions may look familiar.. simple.. or quite ordinary.. yet could still be challenging. Remember, questions are not questions alone, they are mask to the real, underlying intentions of the recruiters (or Interviewers) .The interviewer wants to assess YOU on various critical parameters and he wants just that, not loads of information or data You may be interested in giving out.
By and large, An interview involving a fresher must take the form of a conversation.. not like a question and answer session. Mind you, your interview is a platform for you to showcase your skills, highlight your strengths and also, to minimize exposure to your weaknesses.
So, rule of the thumb says that you must enjoy having a conversation with the interviewer and in the process achieve the above objectives...
Cracking Interview is not like cracking the code of the Human genome. It is much simpler, provided we use a common sense approach .
In order to help you focus on the right areas in the Interview process, I shall analyze and provide some practical tips on few expected questions. And we must make a conscious attempt to avoid generalisations, or copying... the ideas below are just pointers or broad suggestions to make YOU answer effectively...
1.Tell me about yourself
  •  Always begin with your name and present status/designation). If the interviewer calls you by name while posing this question, don't repeat your name.
  • Then, talk about your academic credentials, including your achievements(Your marks/grades/courses/certification)
  • Moving on, mention your co-curricular and extra- curricular accomplishments (Projects/paper presentations or publications/Internship etc.)
  • Then, talk about your strengths, followed by hobbies/interests
  • Clearly and passionately announce your vision/ambition( Your ambition must be relevant to the job applied for)
  • And, finally close by saying that with these above skillset and accomplishments you think you are suitable for the Job
Points to remember:
  • Fix a quantum of time, preferably 2 minutes the maximum (But first 45 secs are crucial.. so try to talk about important things in that period.)
  • Don’t mention about your weakness unless you are specifically asked.
  • Don't spend more time on trivial matters like family references in the beginning...quickly move to achievements and strengths , projects, internships etc.
  • Do not make detailed references to personal details(family,siblings etc.).Keep it to the bare minimum
  • You can always try to be different from others
2. Your favorite subject                                    (Expected in TR if there is a separate one)
  • Always answer spontaneously.( Answer in a full sentence)
  •  Name a subject of your interest and its relevance(  broad significance )
  • Quickly follow up by saying why it is your favorite one.(quite important to say why u like this)
  • You could refer to its interesting nature or scope for further studies/ research/application or any other reason that may demonstrate your ability to analyze, see future opportunities and your research interest/aptitude etc.
  • Never give specious reasons like I like it or my teacher taught me well etc.(Give a rational or believable reason using your analytical skills)
3. Tell me about your project?Tips:
  • Start with the title of the project; mention the broad area
  • Clearly give reasons for choosing it as your project.
  • Clearly spell out the objectives of the project
  • Mention the technology platform or language on which you have based your project
  • You could then talk about the results/findings or intended applications (preferably in real time)
  • May also include your experiences including challenges
4. What are your future plans ?Tips:
  • Clearly say that you want to be a software professional (software if you are being interviewed for TCS), preferably with TCS
  • List out some specific achievements and skills you have such as your academic credentials ,programming skills, or knowledge of languages or logical thinking or relevant project experience or other skills
  • Mention any specific area of interest/ technology platform on which you want to work (choose an area that might be relevant/available @ TCS) Go  thru the TCS profile for idea
  • Say anything that sounds achievable and credible (Don’t announce grandiose plans)
  • Entrepreneurship can very well be an option, but be ready to justify why you want to do a job first and then become an entrepreneur and then get ready to list out entrepreneurial qualities you presumably have.
 5.    Why do you want to join TCS?Tips:
  • Say that it’s the biggest employer and make reference to its current status
  • That it provides opportunities for aspirants from all places, urban or rural( Equal opportunity employer)
  • That it has presence in many sectors, multiple technology areas and countries etc.
  • That it rewards meritocracy
  • That it provides opportunities to make steady career progress..
  • That it offers opportunities to work anywhere in the world
  • That it offers opportunities to learn and improve qualification
  • That it offers opportunities to work on emerging technologies like cloud or mobile computing og big data etc..
  • Also, make sure you find a common area of interest. Like, if you are interested in any area of technology that is present @ TCS, you may mention that and say that you would like to be a part of TCS for that reason.
6.    What is the most challenging thing you achieved till today?  Tips:
  • Sound credible
  • Mention a real life incident that is related to your professional area
  • Say why it was challenging and how did you face it.(Here you need to analyze and find out skills/qualities that you might have used in tackling the situation
7. Where can we see you in 5 years?Tips:
  • Say that you would preferably be in a more professionally challenging assignment,such as as a team lead or a project leader or on an abroad assignment
  • Say one that is achievable, measurable and credible.
  • Never exaggerate or boast of unrealistic goals
8.      What are your areas of Interest?Tips:
  • Tell the subjects or the broad area, not too many
  • Don’t mention just the titles, follow up with valid and credible reasons or motives justifying your choice
9.      Are u aware of the bond?Tips:
  • Say yes, and that you have no objection to it.
  • If they ask you why you sign this, say that an opportunity to be a part of a reputed company like TCS is good enough a reason for signing up the bond. And that you believe that TCS is going to provide you the best possible professional growth opportunities.
10.      What about salary?                        Tips:
  • Say that you have knowledge of the fact that you are entitled to a fixed, pre-determined pay and one that you find acceptable and attractive.
  • In addition, say that right now your sight is on the job, the opportunity to be a part of TCS family.
  • Try to know the correct figure quoted in the notification.                                                                                                                                                                    
   11. Why IT?
Tips:Mention reasons such as large, challenging job opportunities.
  • Say that, It is the largest employer in service sector
  • Say that, It offers wide spectrum of technology platforms to work on,If you have any sector/platform of your choice, then mention with your exact plans and expectations
  • That, it does not make a distinction between an IT graduate and a non-IT graduate
12. Are u ready to work anywhere in India?. Or, Are u relocatable?Tips:
  • Always answer in the affirmative (say yes) and readily so(means quickly)
  • Say that any place would do. Rather say that right now, you are not concerned over choice of a place of work, but the very opportunity to work, preferably in reputed companies such as TCS.
  • If the Interviewer, insists that you name any place of work, always choose a place away from your present place, and may be outside of your state. By doing so, you can showcase your ability to take risk, that you love facing challenges, that you like to mingle and work with people from unfamiliar cultures, languages and habits
13.Your plans for Higher studies?
  • Say yes in general as the first reaction as this would demonstrate your willingness to learn;
  • Restrict your future area of study closer to your area of work  (saying M.Tech or MBA would be fine, but if you say fashion design or Law it may sound awkward )
  • Then say that you would prefer to go for higher education while working preferably with support from the company.
14. Your strengths?
  • Include just two or three the max.(Don't give an endless list of strengths)
  • Quickly say why so and so is your strength
  • Give examples to show how you have showcased them in reallife
Next, you may expect  TCS profile
Finally, exhorting all to produce nothing less than the best