Email writing Tips

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Dear student friends of final year B.Tech/MCA                               We are what we repeatedly do,  
            Excellence, then,is not an act, but a habit.                                                                             - Aristotle  

 What all we can  possibly make out is that  every act of great skill or any achievement is a result of practice .... and in my opinion an expression of self belief.I am sure you must have added an yard of extra pace to your Placement preparation .You have just entered the most exciting and challenging phase of your life. Hence, extraordinary times require more than ordinary preparation. Hope you are doing just the same. Most importantly , I have been trying to reach out to you all with a message that in these times, when we have to work on a number of assignments, it’s better we explore alternative channels for learning(preparation).Using ICT is just one such avenue.Well, TCS recruitment drive would have a Writing Ability Section(Task).Let’s use this posting to focus on some small but vital points related to E mail Writing.As  we know that this test is just a one-off task involving E- mail writing. Just one task for 10 minutes. As far as word limit goes, its always around 70.Plz. Keep in mind the smaller the better. That means, we must achieve precision in expressing our ideas in a writing task. Plus we must ensure that the 7 c’s of Communication(shall discuss in detail in the next posting) are followed in the process along with the basics of style and structure. 

Writing Mechanics: 
Like any other writing task, while writing an E mail, we must focus and distribute our attention on 3 vital components- 1. Structure 2. Style 3. Substance Then, we must ask ourselves some searching questions to get clarity about the task in hand. Such as who, whom ,what, why, when, where & how etc. Always make sure that the task takes structural shape. That means, it must look like an E mail. Firstly, salutations must be quite formal. Most of the MNCs use a modern variant of Language that is a fine balance between Formal and informal usage. Hence, it’s better to be simple and direct in salutations. Like, using the first name only (ex: John, Mary) A standard salutation must read as Dear John or Dear Mary  or even Dear Mr. John or Dear Ms. Mary (Do not address by taking the full name, it will be offensive) Then, the first line should always be the statement of purpose- It must talk of the purpose (what?) Next line must state the main idea After that we must present the supporting ideas/facts/issues (It is necessary to build upon the main idea or strengthen the main idea so that the purpose can be fulfilled) Then comes the expected action line Finally, the ending must be a with formal and simple salutation such as regards or Thanks Plz. Don’t use Faithfully yours or respectfully yours. Instead simply use your name .Parameters of Assessment: Remember it is going to be a machine administered test and hence, a software will be used to make the assessment.It is bound to be different from human assessment.So, we must focus on following the standard procedure and practices as well as avoid making common errors. Like, Be careful of the appropriate punctuation. Keep it short and simple. Do not overwrite or add anything beyond the brief of the given matter. You have a definitive or fixed task . That is of using the phrases or expressions or words to construct a meaningful e mail. It is like fixing the key things in the right places. So, nothing extra must be added. Avoid using negative words. Use positive words to express strong emotions/unpleasant things .Don’t try to change the part of speech of a given key word at the top as most of the times they are given to be used that way only. So, just put them in their right places without any tinkering. Follow the usual steps of composition such as Preview-View-Review. Watch out for glaring and silly grammatical/syntactical or even spelling mistakes. Finally,please attempt the following practice tasks.  Task-1 You are leading a project team of 15 members. As you have found that  the team members are not irregular in submission of weekly time sheets , you are required to stress the need to submit without fail. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same. can be accessed online – lead to loss of pay – every week – do not default – used to bill client – actual working hours – by friday – failure to adhere – time sheet filling application  Task-2 Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words to a company requesting them to sponsor your college cultural festival. pdf file – reputed institute -  10 days -  200 college – sparkling performance – extravaganza – sponsor the event – request appointment – brochure attached  Wishing that you bring out nothing less than the best in YOU  Bye for now