Dear all let's persevere

12/21/2013 10:51:00 pm 0 Comments

Dear aspirants
Yes certainly, the results of the TCS drive have hit us all like thunderbolts.But how to get over and start turning the tide in our favour.And to my little mind,the only way is to learn from our mistakes of the past,recognize and utilize the opportunities at present and move into future with continuous skill growth and self confidence.Our resolve and determination and persistent preparation can only lead us the way to a better future.
I take this opportunity to congratulate the selected candidates and advise them to keep up the spirit of learning .and additionally,appeal them to help out or rather  mentor other friends now that there is lesser pressure on them.
I call upon all the candidates who had the valuable opportunity to face interviews to conduct an analysis of their performance in retro mode and share your observations/inputs with me or other teachers so that we can use these in our future strategies.
Like it or hate ,let me clearly tell you all that  mere presence or resources will not make a difference to our preparation but your ability to build a strategy (a plan to effectively utilize resources such as teachers,books/materials,training program mes,practice etc.) shall definitely yield you results.
so analyze each situation clearly,identify learning requirements and prepare accordingly using common sense and confidence.
As regards tomorrow's NTT Data Written test,some clarity is emerging from inputs received from previous years candidates as well as from serving employees
And the pattern could very well be AMCAT as they are the official test partners for the company and my previous posting gives you the details.go thru the amcat website for clarity.
Good news is that 2013 passed out students have one more opportunity in congnizant solutions drive on 26th Dec. @ KLU.
Dear all, let's understand that the off campus drives are similar to on attend those with the same passion and interest.
All the best