Facebook page launched

8/06/2014 10:35:00 am 0 Comments

Dear Student friends

Happy to be back on the communication grid with YOU. Communication , by all accounts, shall play an increasingly strategic role in your professional development process (placement is a sub set).All that we need to do is to maintain continuity and speed in communication.The new Facebook page shall allow us the opportunity to get quick intimation regarding any piece of communication from this teacher including blog postings.

To all my student friends, I wish to make an appeal- to make a conscious choice between Employment and Employability.Needless to say, Employability is more sustainable and opens up life long opportunities. Professional development process or placement preparation requires a more sustained and extensive period of preparation or engagement.We shall have to take a practical call on using Soft skills learning as a tool for attaining Industry readiness skills and more importantly, to harness our potential.

I would like to request all to extend your support to this initiative (of making use of Information technology in our learning process) .

We shall make use of the blog to share ideas/information/learning materials related to the following areas:

Employability related issues

Soft skills 

Language & Communication

Placement Preparation

For allowing me to give you timely intimation about Blog postings, plz. like the Facebook page- sujit Kumar Rath's Soft Skills

Plz. look for my next posting i.e, on Employability survey & it's findings