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Dear Aspirants

It feel good to be back communicating with you all via this platform.

Let’s share some info.related to Riktam technologies, your next opportunity to find placement.


Selection Process:

1.Online Test(Logical thinking,Quantitative Aptitude,C language)

2.TR &HR Interviews

Expected role: Software developers/test preofessionals

Expected skillset : Technical- sound knowledge of C,C++/ JAVA)

Generic: Problem solving,Tech-savvy,

Job Description:

1.As software engineer, to design,develop,test,implement,maintenance & documentation.

2.Be a part of a young, informal and fun loving workgroup.



Type of Company: Mobile APP Development Company

Services: Design & Implementation of Mobile Apps/Web Apps for Android,i phone,i pad,Windows Mobile, PhoneGap, PHP, HTML5, AngularJS, NodeJS, JQuery, Python etc.

Products:Social Networks, Social Apps, Games, Facebook Apps, eLearning, Business and Productivity tools and Location-based Apps etc..

Clients: Digicel,P&G,Pringles,Toyota.Nike,Tata Capital etc..

Established in:2007

Key People: Siddharam Shingshetty
Founder & CEO Siddhartha Kongara
Executive Director

No. Of employees:60


 Sample Questions:

A person sell an item at 100 Rs. with 15% profit find C.P.
Q: Average of batsman is 45.If in next innings he scored 895 runs and his average is 78. Find the no. of innings played.
Certain other problems like on population, etc.
Q: A train leaves a station at 5.00 p.m. Another train leaves same station at 12.00 p.m. first train runs at 99 kmph and Second train crosses the first train in 9 hours. Find the speed of the second train.
Q: A two digit no. is 96 less than no. form on reversing the two digits no. Find the two digit no.
Q: Today is 26th April and day after tomorrow is thursday. What will the last day of that year?
Q: A do a work in P days and B in Q days. Starting from A, they worked for alternate days. In how many days the work will be completed with help of B ?

All the Best

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