Role of Internship in Projection of Employability Potential

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As one enters into the most crucial year of B.Tech i.e.exit year, it becomes important to plan well before proceeding ahead. The final year is a period of academic life, wherein a student will be expected to showcase his knowledge, skills, attitude to the outside world.
In simple terms, one will analyze situations and circumstances; apply  skills and knowledge; and project oneself and his/her strengths to prove his/her employability potential.
And luckily, it is not rocket science ... It is all possible with right thinking, planning, and right action at the right time. And, cracking Interviews will not be like cracking the code of the Human genome. It will be much simpler, provided we understand ourselves first, develop a plan of action and enjoy building our own career and life... through a mix of passion, hard work and common sense.
Our resumes will speak about us...project our skillsets...create promise and expectation about us.
Hence, one needs to acquire skills and experience so that the resumes can create the right impressions about a student or job seeker.
In the changing job scenario, gaining functional experience is quite critical to career success.
Every company will expect a student (future employee) to have gained some practical insight into work, technologies, application of tools.
In this context, internship and project work will be the best and most significant opportunities to learn and enhance employability.
It is critical to focus on making the best utilization of one’s internship experience.
Why Internship is so important?

1.  It is crucial for skill building as it offers the best practical learning atmosphere.
2.  It provides direct access to real time work... Observation of the work process will enhance practical understanding of technologies, application of tools, and will help to develop problem solving (so important in engineering).
3. It will improve analytical abilities when one observes how a concept is being applied in real time.
4.  It can enhance interpersonal skills when one observes how people in industry work, how they behave, act and react to situations and to people.
5.  It can improve communication skills- how language is used, both oral and written, body language, etiquette, smartness and energy levels of employees.
6.  It is the first chance for a student to observe and experience how corporate sector works in real time. This experience will help in understanding the corporate world as well as the expectations of future employers. Accordingly, one can prepare and develop skills.
7.  When we watch successful people work, observe their style and smartness, we will be inspired to achieve something big in life.

    All our skills and strengths cannot be built in a single day or two... They require persistent efforts and observation. Similarly, our employability potential will be built over a period of time... through small steps and efforts...  Hence, one must focus on gaining a good experience of internship and showcase internship achievement or experience suitably in the resume and later in job interviews.

Things to remember...

1.      Must know something about the place/organisation/their status /work. This will help one to get along well with the process and people.
2.      Make note of all observations - about tools, technical concepts, about behavior, soft skills, anything. Maintain a diary.
3.      Demonstrate punctuality and sincere interest to learn.
4.      Behave well with other interns and instructors
5.      Interact with instructors and must not hesitate to ask for clarity and understanding.
6.      When one shows genuine interest to learn, the instructors and others in companies come forward to help.
7.      Respect for the rules of the company or place of internship work.
8.      Speaking well about friends, co-interns and teachers and the college.
9.     One must behave gently and professionally.
10.  One cannot forget to have fun... one may visit places, monuments so that stress can be reduced and gain complete understanding and information. 

Interviewers usually ask candidates about the place of internship, experience, etc.

1.      College Identity card (In proper condition)
2.      Official letters of allotment/permission
3.      Carry other Id. Proofs ( Aadhar, PAN or Driving license etc.)
4.      Diary/Notebooks
5.      Laptops, Smart phones or any other gadget

 Finally, It is important to focus on the right areas for success in a career and use the great power of communication to combine our ideas, knowledge and skills so that all help each other grow and get better.
However, internship is not everything, but, one must not miss the point that it is a critical building block of the employability profile of a student. It helps a graduating student to gain confidence to impress interviewers.