Interview skills

11/28/2013 01:04:00 am 0 Comments

Dear Aspirant student friends
As soon as you finish your semester end exams, you would run into TCS Interviews.As is well known,Interview preparation ideally would require consistent efforts and persisting with practice.Hopefully , we shall meet up during a few mock Intv. sessions,that is being planned, prior to the actual Intvs. on 19th Dec.Lots of self belief need to be built during this intervening period.Hence ,we need to get down to the basics of every aspect/avenue of Interviews-Technical skills,communication,language,soft skills,body language etc.
Plz.go thru the following  article on Interview skills and make use of all that you find useful with a belief that nothing is useless.
Byee for now
Expecting nothing short of the best in YOU