Better Language better life

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Hi All
As weeks roll by and pave way for months to vanish, a palpable sense of urgency stares my colleagues and I as to what all is wrong with us,notwithstanding our genuine desire to serve you well. Serious introspection must start at all places, on the ways and means to better employability quotient among students here. The answers may not come easy, but not impossible, if looked with clarity and vision by mixing pragmatism with idealism. And the good thing is that small and simple steps have the answers to our woes. Today's article calls for mindset changes.Changes not by moving mountains, but by thinking clearly and practically.
Employabilty ,needless to say,is the fulcrum of all that we stand for in a professional Institution. And  all of us have seen and experienced, though in varying degrees, the great enabling and empowering capacity of good language skills and communicative competence in our career as well as in life.
Dear friends!! Language is a force multiplier.So,Plz. try and understand the fact that language learning cannot be defined or justified in terms of scoring marks or begetting jobs/work. Language skills ,in fact ,shall endow enormous, life-sustaining proven capabilities in multiple ways such as:
Enabling you in identifying and creating opportunities
Enhancing our understanding of needs and strengths
Helping in fostering and maintaining relationships/networks
Allows others to clearly measure our skills and capabilities
Enables us to handle the challenges and uncertainties of future
Brings meaning and value to life and relationships
The above statements state just a few benefits/endowments of a better language and communicative competence.
My dear friends!! Education is a journey, often perennial, but invariably something that is multi dimensional. So, it’s high time we open up to the many different or small, & simple or unconventional or innovative ways of learning. Hope you all will try and explore the multiple layers of learning. Studying is not learning, but fulfilling the desirable objectives of it, is real learning.
We as teachers of language, rejoice at your very interest in language learning. In fact, we wish to play our designated role in whipping up that interest and make it a passion among you all so that it can be used as a powerful tool in your career as well as in life.
Simply speaking, let’s not look at language with suspicion any longer. It certainly does not have the power to harm you but to help you embark on bigger accomplishments . Also,it does not seek to make you feel small , but to make you bold and big on confidence .
Plz.go thru the scanned copy of the article and begin your tryst with language. Hope this article sets you all on a path to develop a clear, objective understanding of the need for language learning and development and gets you off to a start…
But remember, it‘s YOU and only YOU who can make a difference to your LIFE…….

 With lots of fond expectations from you all
 You deserve nothing less than the best, but only when, you desire, decide and dedicate…..