Connect to a career call early

1/16/2014 10:40:00 am 0 Comments

Dear All
While browsing a few IT related news events, a stray thought seared right across my mind- are we motivating our students to engage in stargazing about career choice or not.I don' know the answer.But all that I know is that we need to start it anyway.It is imperative to build an emotional connect with a company(career related) early enough, so that he/she can prepare well in time.Career choices are often results of a long term obsession with dreams,desires, aspirations about scaling better tings in future.They can never be accidental or, my dear friends,especially in I,II & III Batches wake up and gear up for making goal setting, skill gap analysis and building  a clear strategy in facing career challenges.Remember, like or hate it, its going to be an ordinary way of preparation,down to the basics, done little everyday.That mundane stuff.But it clicks.Preparation must start early.Do not wait till somebody stirs up some dormant cell in your mind, shakes you up from your stupor.Be self motivated and take the plunge yourself, for learning is not a crime. and don't wait for the system to deliver according to your needs.Remember, system is just a misnomer.Try to define a system,and not the system defining you.Resources around you are the components of your system-be it your teachers,library,programs or activities.So primarily make use of these components with loads of personal belief and participation.Then ,I am sure , You shall stop cursing the system.and the system shall deliver you all your desired goods.never characterize an opportunity as small or big, never consider a topic/subject/area as negligible or sacrosanct.Everything shall matter , small or big.
The following links have been provided for enabling you to make a reality check and enlarge your scope of mental/psychological preparation.This is not aimed at making you feel discouraged by following unfavorable reports  .
However, lets accept a fact for sure.As the years would roll by, the job market shall demand better skills from us .And that is legitimate on their part as this technological world is quirky and one that survives on cut throat competition.So instead of wishing for a turn around in the external job environment(in numbers), let us focus on equipping ourselves with the necessary skillsets and attitude.
The above thoughts may well have centered on job issues but a career is a wider term.Find your career calling early-be it Higher education,abroad study, research,entrepreneurship or alternate careers etc.
I am seriously considering working with you all in your career moves-guiding,counselling or mentoring.So, I call upon suggestions,ideas of inputs from all, so that using those positives we may fire up many aspiring minds.
wishing to join you all tomorrow for a cooperative journey.
lets open up and lap up all that is our due