SATVEN Recruitment Drive (ME) on 24th Jan -Some thoughts

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Dear Aspirants from IV Mechanical Engineering
Hope and wish that you are bracing for the 24th Jan test.It is obviously a sort of a litmus test for you all,as it falls in your core area.and also for the fact that Satven is a good platform for many of you.Here you have no disadvantage unlike some IT related companies.Especially for your batch this is a great opportunity as well as responsibility because your better performance would ensure continuation of satyam venture recruitment drive for our college. You are expected to possess a Mechanical centered technical profile .Prepare a clear strategy for facing the technical challenges.Do some micro analysis of the technical areas/subjects.Replace hard work with some smart work.I don't know for sure but people say that a good grounding in CAD,CAM,Robotics & Thermal etc. is almost essential. Try to find out reasons to justify why you favour some subjects, so also some concepts.Do not panic when you are contradicted or asked to explain or justify .As soon as you get to hear the question, try to find out the nature of the quiestion as well as the expectation of the interviewer-whether it is issue-based or opinion-oriented or purely info/data based question.
As far as GDs are concerned, try to analyse the topic and generate ideas that would add value to your participation in it.
Skills to be assessed:
Analytical skills- ability to deconstruct the topic and make clear sub parts-critical thinking-organized thoughts-logical thinking
Communication skills- ability to express clearly-articulate correctly-use body language cues effectively to showcase confidence and courtesy.
Interpersonal skills -leadership-etiquette- team spirit-ability to manage time etc.
Problem solving skills
Innovative ideas are always appreciated.You got to be rational, yet different.
Remember, your role in a GD is that of an Individual in a team.So instead of dominating over others create opportunities for others to make some contributions.It always stands out.Do not contradict others too often and don't sound combative or too argumentative.If you find  a valid  point in others, make sure you acknowledge and appreciate.Never ever forget to be polite, however aggressive the others may be or  surcharged the atmosphere might be. time your participation well.make well timed interventions.Don,t speak up all your ideas in one go.Instead go in a staggered way, as the situation demands.
The above observations are random ones, but must always be taken note of for ensuring effective participation in GDs. For more ideas and topics, please visit one previous blog posting of mine on GDs (see Archive).
But mere theoretical ideating might not help without practice.So go out and be a part of any discussion team. Don't worry, practice in communication beats the law of diminishing marginal utility.That means, the more you practice in communication,the better you become, not the reverse.
Finally, I may hate to do this, but to save you some time and energy I am posting the profile of the company. (You all know why we want you to take some more responsibility)
About company:
Satyam Venture Engineering Services (SATVEN) is established as a dedicated automotive engineering services company in 2000 with an objective to provide Automotive Engineering Services and Solutions to Global Automotive Customers. SATVEN is a pioneer in the field of Engineering Services in Automotive domain in India. It has setup one of the first Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in India for a Global Automotive customer soon after inception, and has successful track record of delivering high value added services to major OEM and Tier-1 companies around the world.
Starting in the initial years with activities like Legacy Data Migration, Change Management, 3D Modeling, Detailing, and FE Meshing, SATVEN now has proven service offerings in Product Design, 3-Dimensional Tolerance Stacks, Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE), Competitive Benchmarking, Supplier Development and Supplier Quality Engineering, Digital Manufacturing, Crash & NVH Simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics. SATVEN’s domain expertise covers body, closures, interior trims, exteriors, seating systems, braking systems, occupant safety systems, chassis, steering & suspension systems, among others. SATVEN’s flexible business models together with the right mix of onsite, offshore and offsite support, SATVEN maximizes the value-add to Automotive customers based on their specific needs.
With about 600 engineers working in various locations in India, US, Europe and Japan, SATVEN is poised to take Indian Engineering Service Industry into the league of Automotive Consulting and from providing discrete services to complete solutions.
Company Profile-II
 Satyam-Venture Engineering Services (SVES) is a unique enterprise established by one of India's largest IT services providing companies, Satyam Computer Services Limited, to provide world class engineering services and solutions to Automotive OEMS and suppliers worldwide.Established in 2000, SVES is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, with an associate strength of nearly 400. SVES has highly skilled design & simulation engineers with good automotive domain experience. In addition to highly skilled engineers, our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, facilities and project management processes make us a truly global engineering services and solutions provider.SVES provides engineering solutions to many global automotive customers including GM, TRW Automotive, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and DANA and others. Our product line expertise and experience covers braking systems, steering & suspension systems, vehicle exteriors & interiors, seating systems, occupant safety systems, amongst others. We deliver our services and solutions to over forty (40) globally located customer locations '' the primary countries being the US, the UK, Germany & Japan.
All the best