Decoding a Genius- Are they born or MADE ?

2/04/2014 09:23:00 pm 0 Comments

Dear All

Glad to be back on the communication grid  with a firm belief that it never hurts or harms. Fervently wish that you share the same perception regarding the all-important tool , known as communication skills. Among many other things that are common to all, an innate desire to    succeed is perhaps the most common.To put it in simple terms,all of us wish and want to be successful. And there is no harm in it. In fact, this primal desire in Humans makes the world grow and also brings out the latent potentialities in every human being ashore.

Please spare some thoughts for the following article on Genius, as it has well and truly been proved by generations of people that a genius or works of a genius are not an magic of inherited traits or any handiwork of divine inspiration but a simple demonstration of hard work, determination and lots of self belief.
And the good thing is that We can become one (a genius) .
So get started.........

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