Innovation- Ignore at your own peril

2/18/2014 10:04:00 am 0 Comments

Dear All
Difficult to avoid or ignore or even miss this magic term, famously known as Innovation.Truly the driver of generations of progress in human civilization.And also the sole hope for a better tomorrow ... a more sustainable future.It is hard to imagine the journey of modern world,especially in technology without Innovation.You name any sector, innovation holds out the biggest and surest hope or a lifeline.Can education be far behind? That is the moot question all of us need to address.But what is innovation? Not difficult for discerning minds like you.
Anyway for now, click on the following link to watch NR Narayanmurthy of Infosys spelling out his perception of Innovation for the younger generation......
       Hope you would slowly but inexorably come to find out the real value of innovation and its game-changing potential...Just as stagnating water attracts all ills, a stagnating technology   does no good either. Hence, watch out for your turn to innovate# Then begin now##
Next expect a posting on Satya Nadela and what all we can learn from his incredible story