Attitude-the mark of successs

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Dear Student friends

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 

                                                                                                                     Winston Churchill

Are you young enough to understand the veracity of this time tested maxim? Could be if you were born in any other era, not in the 21st century.
To be true to the spirit of soft skills, Let’s not assume that we are again into another bout of idealistic theorization. That’s never been my intention as well. All that we are expected is to learn and approach these issues and aspects in a manner and motive that would yield lifelong applicability and relevance.

To put in simple terms, one’s Attitude is his/her outlook/perception/take on life-how we act, react ,deal or respond to various people or events or situations. Atitude is a product of our mind and also one that shapes up it as well. It determines how we judge and interpret any situation,either as negative or positive, or as an opportunity or a threat .

Attitude means so much to us because of the fact that it drives our behavior, determines our action and reaction in.Our actions and body language reflect our mental conditioning or attitude.Through attitude we transmit messages for others to interpret and judge.

Hence, its so important to one’s personal and professional growth. If it can attract others to you , it can also repel ,.If it can help you ,it can also harm you. Therefore, the key to developing a positive strand of attitude squarely depends on us and our ability to use people, resources and time to our advantage.

And often it is seen that one needs to be sensitive and exercise care and caution as one’s attitude affects others. It also keeps on changing. so one must be willing to learn and grow all along. And the most important thing is that it is only you who can control what you think and hence, for developing a well built , positive winning attitude YOU must take the lead.

Lets see what makes one build attitude-

One’s ability to be emotionally intelligent. It’s a fact that emotions do shape our attitude.Hence, appositive attitude helps us to deal with affairs of life, daily or occasional, ordinary or challenging.Beacuse with a positive attitude we tend to se the brighter side of life and expect good to happen.

My dear friends ,if you are serious about making your life to count, in numbers and value , make sure you start out early and clear about building a positive attitude.

Change can happen at any sphere. Before you can expect change anywhere else you can achieve at your own end.

All that you need to do is to take control of things that matter or affect you. Try and understand the impact or implications of every little thing or resource available to you. And realize and convince yourself what you need for your personal and personal growth and why?

Remember, your story- a beautiful one- must start with you.

Some steps you may follow to improve your attitude:

1. Make a mental picture of a set of attitudes that you want to see you developing and be proud of. Remember, without speed and imagination, you could fail to see the spark in an idea and miss the opportunity to attach the required passion and energy.

2. Get mentally ready and strong to adopt a few things, however small or insignificant they might be. Our ability to constantly involve in certain activities and thoughts shall determine their outcome. Soft skills ,in general , require repetition, practice and a never ending passion and flexibility.

3.It is imperative we choose a positive atmosphere around us, that can provide us the required set of opportunities to identify, apply and learn.

4.It is essential to make sustained efforts to develop self esteem by undertaking more responsibilities and experiencing first hand, the good or the tough sides of any experience.

5. Let’s surround ourselves with positive people. Attitude is infectious. By observing people with positive thinking shall have salutary effect.

6. Finally, we must observe minute details with a belief that everything has a value.

The above article is a just a random thought that I composed to communicate with the community that matters the most to me –the students.

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