Attn:GlobalLogic Technologies drive @LBRCE on 26th April

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Dear Aspirants

 GlobalLogic is going to conduct JAM as the primary test (1st round) to screen candidates followed by Face-to-face Interviews(personal Interviews). As far as choice of topics for JAM is concerned, the recruiters allow the candidates to speak on a choice of their own in some cases whereas in others, they themselves set the topics.So, it is desirable that the candidate is flexible enough to face any scenario.It's better we prepare topics following broadly the topics announced in the circular issued by the T&P cell.  As you know topics may cover a range of areas such as GIS&GPS , Software products, special focus on Google products, Internet knowledge, geography, general awareness ,and current affairs.

The above list of mixed elements goes on to prove that one candidate needs to focus on all possible areas of knowledge and become aware of the social, political and economic scenario. Well, one’s reading habit, especially of a newspaper shall come handy.

What is important to remember is that All the way it is going to be an oral process of selection.Hence, Communication skills are in sharp focus.

We may do well to browse the Internet for refreshing our understanding of current affairs.

JAM sessions squarely depend on our abiity to capture the essence of a topic in the shortest possible time and present ideas with clarity and confidence.Here, other than speech and voice parameters, focus is laid on analytical skills as well as innovative ideas .

 Can’t do much now, but can suggest to you a thing or two about process and some preparatory material for facing this drive.

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GlobalLogic Recruitment drive

Quick facts about Selection Process:

JAM Session

Personal Interview

IMP: Both the above ones shall be conducted @LBRCE. A third and final round (as give below)shall be conducted at the company workplace, possibly at Hyderabad.

Client Interview Process(Final Selection)-Written test and/or Personal Interview

Company Profile

Quick Facts

Company: GlobalLogic

Status: An offshore software R&D services company

Founded in the year: 2000

Founders: Rajul Garg,Sanjay Singh,Manoj Agarwala and Tarun Upadhyay

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia and San Jose, California

Key people: Peter Harrison (Vice Chairman), Shashank Samant (President & CEO),

Wayne Grubbs (CFO), Jim Walsh (CTO)

Employee strength: 6000+

Key services:

Content Engineering:

  • Content digitization & creation
  • Language translation
  • Review for correctness, completeness, formatting
  • Structuring & categorization
  • Moderation of social/collaborative content
  • Reporting, metrics & analytics

Software product designproduct development:

  • System architecture design
  • QA & testing
  • Language localization
  • Project management
  • Software development

Product support and consulting services

  • Brand and service experience design
  • Market research & product ideation
  • User interaction and visual design
  • Rapid prototyping

Key sectors/ Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Digital media
  • Business technology
  • Retail and Commerce
  • Finance
  • Medical Technology

Key Technologies:

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Embedded
  • Mobile Security

  Company profile (in detail)

GlobalLogic is an offshore software R&D services company that was founded in 2000 by Rajul Garg,Sanjay Singh,Manoj Agarwala and Tarun Upadhyay and has headquarters in McLean, Virginia and San Jose,California .It is a privately held company funded by New Enterprise Associates, Sequoia Capital, Westbridge Capital, Goldman Sachs, and New Atlantic Ventures. GlobalLogic provides full-lifecycle product development services, including software product designproduct developmentquality assuranceproduct support and consulting services. The company specializes in telecommunications, wireless products and mobile devices,machine-to-machine, cloud computing, medical devices, digital media, commerce and business technology. Some companies use GlobalLogic to outsource the production of their own primary products GlobalLogic was initially founded as 'Induslogic' in 2000, with headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, a delivery center in Noida, India, and funding from New Atlantic Ventures. In 2002 they appointed Mr. Peter Harrison as CEO. Mr. Harrison was instrumental in setting the company on a new path to become a provider of Outsourced Product Engineering services. In 2004 Vasudev Bhandarkar joined Globallogic as its first Independent Board Member.

GlobalLogic received Series B Venture round funding of $12.5M from Westbridge Capital and New Enterprise Associates in 2006and acquired Lambent Technologies, aoffshore software R&D services firm based in Nagpur, India led by Mr. Shashikant Chaudhary who is currently Managing Director of Globallogic's India operations. Lambent Technologies eventually became Globallogic's Center of Excellence for Mobile Products. Induslogic became GlobalLogic after its merger with Bonus Technology, an offshore software R&D services firm based in New Jersey with operations out of Kyiv, Ukraine and specializing in mobile and telecommunication technologies. In 2007, GlobalLogic opened delivery centers in Beijing.[6] In 2007, Globallogic appointed Mr. Shashank Samant as President of the company.

In 2008, GlobalLogic opened in London, England and named Mike Daniels as Chairman of the Board. The company received $29.5M in Series C venture round funding fromSequoia Capital, New Atlantic Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. In 2009, GlobalLogic partnered with LumenData, a product development and services firm focused on enterprise data management, to open a delivery center in Bangalore.The company also acquired two offshore software R&D services firms: InterObject and Cubika. InterObject is based in Ramat GanIsrael and specializes in embedded software, mobile and streaming media products. In 2010, GlobalLogic received funding from Goldman Sachs.

In 2011, GlobalLogic opened an office in Santiago, Chile to expand its operations in South America.The company acquired Rofous Software, a content engineering firm headquartered in Hyderabad, India. In 2012 the company appointed Mr. Shashank Samant as its CEO. The company also acquired Method Incorporated, a brand experience agency with offices in San FranciscoNew York City and London.

In October 2013, ODSA Topco Limited ("ODSA"), a company backed by Funds advised by Apax Partners ("Apax"), a global private equity firm, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for ODSA to acquire GlobalLogic.

Good luck