Making sense of Industry readiness through Industry Voices

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Dear Aspirants of Final years
Happy to be back on the Communication trail.We all know and believe that effective communication shall and can connect all the dots, bring together all stakeholders  and fix all problems.Precisely the same stuff we all, fortunately, are doing all through this week. Gruelling sessions of placement training followed by Interactive sessions with Industry voices(people).That's a good lot of work. But that's the way career building is taken up.At this juncture, I wish to remind all that, placement preparation/Industry readiness preparation is more psychological than physical.As we all know it's all of US -our accomplishments,skills, attitude ,persona that would be on display.Hence , it's going to be your show.And not surprisingly, YOU would be required to do more than others.Like they say BE  YOURSELF.
I consider it pertinent to remind you all that it's essential to Dream Big as it would surely lead to passion and then passion leads us to success.
At this hour, in my opinion, you all require to focus on developing Listening skills, as training sessions require a lot of listening. During training programmes exhaustive comprehension is highly desirable .It requires you to sustain listening energy and focus and concentration over long periods of time.Unfortunately, we were all found wanting on this front (Low concentration and thin patience) during the two seminars on employability involving Industry representatives. I sincerely expect you all to listen better and conduct yourselves more professionally next time you meet any Industry person.Impressions do matter and lets utilise all the future opportunities to make a solid and positive impression on the Industry people by displaying enthusiasm, positive thinking and willingness to learn.
Before I sound preachy , let me summarize my takeaways from the session with  Tech Mahindra Representative:
Impressions from seminar by Mr.Satya of TechMahindra :

  • Not surprisingly the critical importance of Communication skills was emphasized by the speaker.
  • Then focused on Team building and Leadership skills  t
  • en spelt out the parameters to be followed for a successful attempt in placement Interviews:
  • Basic understanding of core & related subjects(School upwards).Focus on Application than on theory.
  • Develop clarity regarding career goals early
  • Developing clarity on Fundamental skills in core areas, basics of computing followed by Programming skills
  • Focus on Project details, highlight platform,application and innovation by doing a real time work.
  • Work on Multiple projects(on own interest) beyond the main academic project for better impact during Interviews
  • Focus on giving out-of-the-box thinking/solutions.
  • Practical exposure including Internship experience to be focused.
  • Proof of teamwork and leadership to be given by way of real life examples and anecdotes.
  • Focus on long term goals
  • Focus on display of proper Body Language including eye contact, gestures,greetings etc.

Other suggestions:

  • Making introduction short, compact but complete focusing on all academic,functional and personal aspects
  • Flexibility required on  choice of work locations and technology or platforms.
  • Good grasp of software basics like Programming languages, Database concepts etc.
  • Focus on displaying team playing skills,time management and conflict resolution skills during GDs.
  • The above points are random observations based on my comprehension of the ideas presented by the speaker.
  • Note: Takeaways from Workshop on Employability and technology expectations by TCS team to be followed in my next post.
  • Wishing you all good luck