Takeaways from TCS workshop on Employability

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Dear Aspirants

As the recruitment season peaks up, we need to focus on communication.It's a shared responsibility and hence, it is pertinent that we stay connected through a communication link that is continuous, two-way and mutually beneficial.

I don't wish to promise you something that I can not deliver nor do I wish to claim any credit for whatever good you might achieve. But fervently wish to be a part of an ecosystem that thrives on complementarity and plain empathy.

Please find below some of my observations from the TCS workshop on Employability and technology expectations conducted last week in our institution.

Takeaways from TCS workshop:

In the beginning, the speaker outlines the Industry expectations in terms of skills as hereunder:

  • Technical skills
  •  Communication skills
  • Uniqueness
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership/
  • Professionalism.

Then, He elaborated the above parameters as follows:

On Communication focused on improving active listening skills as well  as effective speaking skills as we are increasingly working in multinational and multicultural environment.Also, the significance of cross cultural communication was emphasized.(expect further inputs on cross cultural communication in future postings)

Next, advised all to inculcate active reading skills.

On writing skills, the focus must be on clear, concise and effective writing skills

Then , the speaker advised the participants to do a GAP analysis by following steps such as

1. Self analysis -Identify strengths and weaknesses, grasping academic performance, skills and attitude

2.Target setting- set Short term & Long term goals, prepare action plan and implementing the plan

3. Self discipline- Check progress, take corrective measures, seek guidance

 Then, the speaker gave out a few common questions to be expected in Interviews:

  • Questions about yourself/ career goals/why any company?/ strengths/weaknesses
  • If you were an interviewer, what would you expect in a candidate?
  • Are you creative/team player/a leader
  • What are your reading habits/about books and authors
  • Why do you want to join X company?
  • Ask the interviewer a question.

 Finally, the speaker highlighted the focus areas in Technology:

  • Cloud computing
  • Business analytics and optimization (Big data)
  • Social commerce
  • Personal devices in enterprises

 Next blog shall be on the parameters of effective writing skills with special emphasis on e mail writing.

Expecting nothing less than the best from you all