CSS Corp- A few tips

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Dear Aspirants

The selection process for this company shall involve 2 broad steps:

1.Extempore (more like a JAM) prepare on any 1 or 2 topics of your choice

2.Operations Intv.+ HR Intv.

The focus on the 1st round shall be on your speaking ability. More precisely,it could be a test of your ability to construct simple,correct and meaningful sentences and convey clearly and confidently your ideas on any given topic. A good thing is that you may be asked to speak on a topic of your own .So prepare short talks on a few topics and frame some simple sentences and practice a few times yourself.

  • Make sure to use simple sentences and avoid big gaps between sentences.

  • Avoid making Mother Tongue Influences (MTIs) errors. Use a neutral accent.

  • Maintain proper eye contact

As far as the Interview round is concerned, it could be a mix of common personal Interview questions and very few technical ones.It may be similar to what we experienced in Knoah solutions Intv.

The focus will be on your ability to communicate on simple issues and on measuring your speaking abilities just as above.

You may also get a few technical questions .

Sample Questions:

Tell about yourself

About your college

About your project

About Family

About Role models

Why CSS corp?

Why not higher education?

About Favorite subjects or movies or Apps or gadgets etc.

What is 3 G? Difference between 2 G & 3 G etc.

Difference b/w bug and defect

what is BPO and call centre?

Company Factsheet

Type of company: Tech. support (ITES)

Founded in : 1996

No.of employees: 6000 approx. in 13 locations

Services: designing, developing, deploying and managing end-to-end IT and network services

No. of clients: 140 ,(including Fortune 1000 enterprises)

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The focus undoubtedly is on your communicative competence. Hence focus on simple steps(as suggested above) to enhance its effectiveness.

Best of Luck


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