Culture shock or new age corporate mantra ? All for better employees !!

6/18/2015 10:01:00 am 0 Comments

Dear All
These are the best of the times for churning out change at all places- be it at workplaces or personal spaces. Winds of change are sweeping across continents, but most importantly across cultures.
Globalization has decreed that everything else must change to help its juggernaut rolling...
Hence, all of us must brace up to encounter and make peace with some level of change in the little world of ours.
Dear friends, the simplest way to leverage the fruits of globalization and counter its many challenges, it is important to open up and align with the world outside, rather than cloister our life and learning and narrow down choices and opportunities....
Find below  excerpts from recent reports regarding cultural changes being effected in the corridors of major corporate entities in India....Hope you connect to the outer world to make your own world bigger and stronger...
Recently companies like Wipro, Infosys and some other IT companies  have done so in order to attract best of talent...Hope you read this and get pepped up !!

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