Inspiring story of Ben, India's first Visually challenged in IFS

6/18/2015 10:02:00 pm 0 Comments

Dear All

These timeless words seem lively and surreal in the astonishing story of Ben Zephine,India's first 100 % visually challenged person to get selected for the coveted Indian Foreign Services. A young lady of indomitable courage and unflagging self belief , she proves that anything could be achieved, albeit with hard work and determination.I think, her success will launch  a thousand  neon flash bulbs across the darkened lives of many a visually challenged aspirants .

It's quite humbling to see such success stories that are carved out of denial and sheer adversity....stories that do not get scripted quite often...And that's why this story is so special # May such stories become regular#

And its even touching to see the beatific smile flashing across the face of someone who was denied so much but could wrest back so much more.....

Let's all read her inspiring story by following the link given below: