Feminine Power to the Fore- 4/5 in the IAS

7/04/2015 11:30:00 am 0 Comments

Dear All

For a nation so used to seeing records carved out so late in its modern nationhood, Today's absolute domination of women candidates in the IAS results came as no surprise. And it was bursting at the seams to happen.Simply put, this goes on to demonstrate that given opportunities, any class of people can overcome their inadequacies and come good in their chosen fields/pursuits.Kudos to these 4 young women for achieving this incredible feat of topping India's most challenging examination for higher level bureaucracy and almost wiping out the menfolk.Gender or otherwise, it signals a marked shift in the dynamics of excellence . Interestingly, this year's topper is a differently abled woman, who had to ward off age-old legal hurdles and social denial, after she got selected for Indian Revenue Services in 2010. Her long battle ended in 2014, when she was allowed to join the revenue services. Her case is not an isolated one. Earlier this month, India's first 100% visually challenged woman IFS qualifier ,Ben Zephine created an unthinkable feat of sorts, making disability look no more or better than a term in a dictionary. These cases have ensured that gender gaps, disability and any other inadequacy can no longer remain insurmountable and shall be breached again and again...in increasing regularity henceforth.Power to thy name , Woman