Higher Education...Lower Employability

7/11/2015 10:55:00 am 1 Comments

Dear All

Today had my mindspace breached by 2 events that centered around the Higher Education firmament in India.Early in the morning, had privilege moderating a seminar on Job opportunities for Engineering graduates,that had a liberal dose of motivation and pep talk. It focused in essence,on the great disequilibrium between Education and Life (read employability). Great statistics, in depth analysis, shocking mismatches, witty repartee everything thrown in to send home the message that All is not well with the higher education system in India.  And my staple TV show at 8 PM-the Big fight, that interestingly had the same theme.then the same trajectory of deliberation.... same myopia...classic contradictions...same helplessness with a system that continues to baffle with its sluggish pace of reform. 
It is pertinent that the entire educated class start thinking over these complex issues and start make the right noises and most importantly, the right moves... Well the right moves.. which only the Government can make(what a pity !)...

Please follow the Big Fight debate in the following link and get richer and deeper insights into the conundrum called Higher Education in India.


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