Inventions in India-Is it jinxed or less of Zeal ?

7/17/2015 11:23:00 am 0 Comments

Dear All

Change has never come an automatic phenomenon.It has always been effected...orchestrated by human ingenuity..that freaky passion to make something happen.Modern world ,in fact, is a gift of transition and its advancement is a tribute to the innate human spirit of inquiry and imagination.The Legendary technocrat and philanthropist, NR NarayanMurthy's hard hitting and quite candid observations on the state of innovation and invention in India, has stirred a hornet's nest, quite literally.In India's chequred  journey as a Modern Nation, lack of any credible original invention or innovation is indeed quite stark and symbolic of a great Nation' s stunted creative thrust.The West has contributed the bulk of the last centuries technological revolution and originality in ideation. At the end of the day, it is not as much a East-West issue as much is one of the entire Humanity. If India is to stake a rightful claim on the world stage, other than economic supremacy, it has to achieve original scientific and technological contributions to the world. May be, Innovation and invention could push its march towards supremacy of the new world order.

Please find below a link to read the full text of Nararyan Murthy's speech at IISc., Bangalore to fathom his anguish ....