E Mail Writing Task & Tips

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Dear All

As the recruitment season draws near, there is a sense of urgency and seriousness observed in most of my student friends, which is quite a welcome thing. As I always uphold ,though in my small way, Placement preparation must be mix of the physical and psychological efforts. Excellence is a matter of possibility, provided the right efforts, energy and focus is available Remember, You have just entered the most exciting and challenging phase of your life. And every effort that you shall make in this process, shall give you immense self satisfaction. And needless to say, you are the best person to script your beautiful story. Hence, Do n't expect others to shoulder more responsibilities than YOU.

Just plan...develop a Strategy ...and Practice ...That 's all that You would need.

As discussed in classes, and earlier demonstrated, it would be quite useful a thing if you all have a lot of practice with TCS email Task.

Well, the TCS recruitment drive would have a Writing Ability Section(Task), a simple but tricky test of 10 minutes duration.

Points to remember:

  • It is going to be a Machine administered Task. Means, a machine or a software tool shall set the task and more importantly, evaluate your answers.

  •  Focus will be on proper syntax, not on semantics.

  •  Its most important to understand that the task is already simplified. The key words/phrases/expressions are required to be used with out any changes to their order and form.

  • It means the first sentence has to use the first key or the keys first and then the order follows.

  • Use the words in the given form/part of speech/tense only. Any change in the form of any key word/phrase is going to invite trouble.

  • As far as word limit goes, it should be within a range of 70-100. However, correctness of expressions is more important than the no. of words.

  • Any answer below 50 words may not be considered for assessment at all.

  • Identifying right tone. It could be appreciation, informative, regret, reprimand, and request. It depends on who we are, whom we are writing to and the context. Then, use a suitable tone.

  • Use simple and proper syntax. Avoid making improper tenses.

  • Keep sentences short and avoid using too many commas, semicolons and conjunctions.

  • Use appropriate punctuation.

  • Avoid using too many jargons, acronyms & short forms. 

  • Avoid spelling mistakes.

  • Keep it short and simple. Do not add content of your own.Just use the given keys and the task directions only.

  • Ensure that 7 cs of writing is maintained.

  • Review the answer for a minute before submission.

  • Like any other writing task, while writing an E mail, we must focus and distribute our attention on 3 vital components-1. Structure 2. Style 3. Substance.

  • Then, we must ask ourselves some searching questions to get clarity about the task in hand, such as who, whom ,what, why, when, where & how etc.

  • Salutations must be quite formal. Most of the MNCs use a modern variant of Language that is a fine balance between Formal and informal usage. Hence, it’s better to be simple and direct in salutations.Like, using the first name only (ex: John, Mary).

  • A standard salutation must read as Dear John or Dear Mary  or even Dear Mr. John or Dear Ms. Mary (Do not address by taking the full name, it will be offensive).Th

  • Then, the first line should always be the statement of purpose- It must talk of the purpose (what?).Next line must state the main idea...

  • After that we must present the supporting ideas/facts/issues ...

  • Then comes the expected action line...

  • Finally, the ending must be a with formal and simple salutation such as regards or Thanks. Plz. Don’t use Faithfully yours or respectfully yours. Instead simply use your name. 

 In the end, let me leave you all with some practice tasks so that you may get the right kind of preparation.

  Answer the following questions:

  1. As a project team lead, write an e-mail to your client, Mr. Sam explaining that there will be a delay in your project. Sign the email as Sam.

Keys: Inform - project delivery- delayed- key team member- sick-food poisoning-last minute- unexpected- trying - substitute- required skillt- lost time- delay of one week- apologies

2. You are a part of corporate communication team in your company. The working time period is revised as 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. write an email to the employees in your company informing the same.

Keys: By 30 minutes to avoid traffic – effect from next week – lunch duration – revised working time – free breakfast – office will start earlier – till the end of rainy season – will be in effect

3. As your company is doing good business and expanding, your company is relocating its office to a new address. Write an email to your customers informing the change in address. (Word range: 50-70)

Keys: near outer ring road – shifting to – bigger office space – December 11 – change in telephone number – new address is provided below – fourth floor – Kerry’s Business Park

4.     You are the project leader for a team of 20 members. As the team members are not submitting the weekly time sheets regularly, you need to email them stressing the need to submit without fail. Write an email  to your team members informing the same.

 Keys: can be accessed online – lead to loss of pay – every week – do not default – used to bill client – actual working hours – by friday – failure to adhere – time sheet filling