Resume Building- a few real time tips

7/21/2015 10:47:00 am 2 Comments

Dear All

Felt great to be communicating with you all through this medium. Well, my work for the day must start with a small pep talk as I believe we can make a difference with a better thought and sensitivity. When it comes to a competitive test, it is pertinent and common that we develop a strategy – one that makes us maximize the utilization of our time, energy and resources. So, look to seeing a bit of that in the coming days from you people. .Remember, the right understanding, perspective or clarity about any topic/issue, both Technical & behavioral can be obtained through objective analysis, not by randomization. So, break you preparation efforts into small, practical bits....Lets go ahead with our task of sharing some vital ideas regarding Resume preparation.It is good that you have had an early start with regard to the task of resume building. It is the first major and serious task (presentation) in your quest for a profession or career. Hence, it can’t be taken lightly. When you start early, you can have the benefit of understanding the finer and stronger points in it and gain an advantage of developing clarity and self belief. Then it can serve your purpose well, by becoming a critical and active factor in your Interview process. You may then use your resume as a compass to set the agenda of the Interview. Please do not prepare your resume as an isolated activity, but one integrated with your requirements in the Interview process.

Find below a few common and simple steps while building your resume.
  • Identify the priority areas where you could be best assessed and showcase your skills, strength and attitude. Hence, clearly, adequately and interestingly highlight functional aspects like Projects, Internship,Paper presentations,certifications and workshops etc.
  •  An assessment based on the above areas shall give your responses credibility and make the Interviewer trust your words as these actions have already been performed by you .
  • Make the objective section simple and reflective of your attitude and vision. And restrict to a single sentence. Avoid making use of personal pronouns like “I”.
  • Present details about your Project and Internship objectively, not in big chunks (descriptive). Remember,Let the interviewer find everything without training his senses. In other words, mention in short sentences and directly.
  • On project/Internship, description about the title, action, technology or platform used , outcome, application is enough. Do not give description on other things like the organization or topic or the apparatus/Instrument/Model.
  • Length must be 2 pages maximum. One page resumes are also acceptable, but must have place for all desirable areas such as Educational Qualification, Objective core strengths, technical skills,incl.projects and Internship , achievements and bits of personal details as well. However, if all 7 Cs of communication could be reflected, then space is not a constraint. Remember, there are no protocols for fixing the number of pages. It is generally OK to contain the relevant data/info. Related to a under graduate student like you in a maximum 2 pages. And importantly, the Interviewer could have little time as well.
  • Candidates possessing more technical accomplishments must prioritize based on time and relevance factors and restrict to 2 pages, while cutting down on interpersonal and personal details.
  • Try to catch the attention of the Interviewer by using proper format, lay out and proper style etc., and then create interest by exhibiting the relevant information/Data in the spaces. Then, it could result in the best possible action and assessment from the Interviewer.
  • Remember writing your resume is not a single-stage process. Prepare a rough draft after you have finalized broad components (structure).
  • Review and rework your draft,
  • Involve friends, peers and teachers and seek their opinion.
  • Remember writing your resume is just half of the job done, the other crucial half is to analyze, understand and develop responses (on matters presented in your resume).This is vital for enabling you to justify everything confidently and competently before the Interviewer.
 Hope You would find this useful.


  1. Than you so much sir ,for your valuable tips.We will definitely follow these tips while preparing the most powerful document (resume) .While going through this bolg I not only read your valuable words but also I heard sir,it is quite exciting sir !

  2. Thank u sir for giving the initiative chance for me to fulfill my potential abilities in the resume...We must follow your valuable words..