TCS Email Writing Task: Vital Tips & Practice papers

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Dear Aspirants

E mail writing task in the TCS recruitment process is designed to primarily test the ability of a candidate to make effective use of the given key phrases.

It is a task that is almost like paragraph writing that focuses mainly on the use of syntax.

Hence, it is important to clearly know a few simple directions.  

This test is designed using a software tool. And hence, can be called a Machine administered Task. 

Since evaluation is sought to be done on this software, care must be taken to structure sentences properly, not as much on the semantics part or meaning.

Believe me, it is already made simple and easy...The linear arrangement of key phrases is proof of this aspect.

Hence, we must only try to string together the given key phrases as given in the original order & Form and not try and change the order.

It is possible to construct meaningful sentences using the given order...Hence, follow this logic truthfully.

Trying to change the form of the given word/phrase must be strictly avoided. Starting from the 1st key, we need to move progressively without jumping queue.

Common mistakes like changing tense/part of speech must be avoided.Use all the phrases given in the task. Your assessment could suffer if all the keys are not suitably utilised in the response.

Remember , without a minimum of 50 words  in the composition, evaluation process can’t be initiated. So, it must be borne in mind that a safe one could be in the range of 70-80.

Salutation (Addressing) and Valediction (signing) should be done as give in the question task. 

Salutations must be quite formal, simple and direct. Like, using the first name only (ex: John, Mary, Dear John).A standard salutation must read as Dear John or Dear Mary or even Dear Mr. John or Dear Ms. Mary (Do not address by taking the full name, it will be offensive).

Avoid using expressions such as respected, revered etc. In case name is not given, you may use the official designation/post to address. Like Dear Manager, The chief Finanace Officer. The Chairman etc

Similarly, the ending must be a with formal and simple salutation such as regards or Thanks. Plz. don’t use faithfully yours or respectfully yours. Instead simply use  Yours >Name.

Common grammatical rules, punctuation must be followed for a proper assessment. Avoid making improper tenses.

Keep sentences short and avoid using too many commas, semicolons and conjunctions. Avoid using too many jargons, acronyms & short forms. 

Make review before submission to remove spelling errors. Finally, remember that keep this task simple and true to the given task. That means, use all the given keys in the original form and order without any change.

 You may visit the following link for more solved Email writing tasks:  

However, For Practice, you may also use the following as collected from various sources:

1)Write an e-mail to your client explaining that there will be a delay in you project
inform - project delivery- delayed- key team member- sick-food poisoning- last minute- unexpected- trying - substitute- required skill set- lost time- delay of one week- apologies
Ø Dear customer,
This is to inform you that the project delivery will be delayed as a key team member is sick due to food poisoning. It was much unexpected and we are trying to substitute another employee with required skill set that is difficult in last minute. So, due to the lost time there could be a delay of one week in project delivery.
Sincere apologies.
2)Write an e-mail to your boss using the below stated lines:
Learnt that boss is taking up a new project- planned for investment of millions of dollars in it- unfortunately plan will not work- competitor has similar project- this project was a failure- no demand in the market- hence should stop this idea immediately.
Ø Dear Sir
I have learnt that you are taking up a new project and planned for investment of millions of dollars in it. Unfortunately, the plan will not work since our competitor has a similar project. Moreover, this project was a failure and there is no demand in the market. Hence , it is better you should stop this idea immediately.
Thanks & regards,

3)Write an email to your HR head, recommending a friend for a vacant post.
Recommending—my friend Mark—vacant post—Programmer Analyst—degree—work experience—pleasant person—good addition—team—resume
Ø Dear Sir,
I, hereby, am recommending my friend mark to the vacant post of  Programmer Analyst. He has a degree in computer science engineering and work experience as system analyst for 2 years. Moreover, He is very pleasant person with good communication skills. And he will definitely become a good addition to our team. Hence, I am forwarding his resume to you.
Thanks & Regards,
4)Write an e-mail to your boss on the following lines:
Heard - new training program -latest technology- useful - my career- want to be included- participate keenly- learn and implement- benefit of the company
Ø Sir,
I heard that our company is going o conduct a new training program under your supervision. I want to be included in the trainees list as it will be useful to my career. I wish to participate keenly and learn the latest technology and implement to the benefit of the company.
Thanks &Regards,

5)You are the director of a pharma company. Write an e-mail to your office manger asking them to make arrangements for a foreign delegation visit.
Foreign delegation- visiting - arrive - Wednesday morning- visit head office-also factories- keep premises clean- interaction-employees - compulsory attendance-dress in formals- evening - sightseeing - food arrangements- taste in mind
Ø Dear Manager,
Foreign delegates will be visiting our company. They arrive on Wednesday morning.Plan a schedule arranging their visit to head office first and also our factories. In addition, inform the cleaning staff to keep the premises clean. And they are keen to have interaction with employees. So, order compulsory attendance and ask all to dress in formals. Finally, in the evening arrange sightseeing and make food arrangements keeping their taste in mind.

6)You are sending some plans for review to the client. Write an e-mail to him
Sending plans- Project "dreamcode"- technical and functional details- not final - detailed review - suggestions- improvement- 2 weeks time- incorporate- revised proposal- final signoff
Ø Dear customer,
Here I’m sending you plans with all technical and functional details required for the implementation of your project “Dream code”. This plani is not final. If you have any suggestions for the improvement of the plans please forward to me within 2 weeks. So that, we can incorporate all the requirements of the project for detailed review and send you a revised proposal with a final signoff.
Thanks & Regards,
7)New floor manager has been appointed. As manager of the department, write an e-mail to all staff explaining about this:
floor manager-appointed- start work next Monday- comes with 10 years of work experience-good track record- top companies- Indian and International- good addition - team-welcome
Ø Dear staff,
It is to bring to your notice that a new floor manager has been appointed. He will start working from next Monday .He comes with 10 years of work experience in top companies. Moreover, he has good track record. Therefore, he would be a good addition to your team. Let’s welcome him warmly.

 8)You’re e-mailing a client with product information after they telephoned you with an enquiry.
Launched vacuum cleaner "EEGA" recently- innovative- huge market share- excellent after sales services- arrange demo- discount on bulk orders
Ø Dear Client,
On receiving your request, we are providing you the full details of our product- Vacuum Cleaner EEGA, launched recently. It has innovative features with automation.. Moreover, it has a huge market share and got excellent  after sales services. For the convenience of our customers, we arrange demos. In addition, we provide reasonable discount on bulk orders.
Thanks & Regards,
9)Write an e-mail to the manager of a company called ITEX, Complaining about a delivery service
bought a product-didn’t work-called customer care-put me through automated teleservices-on hold for 19 minutes-got disconnected-wrote an e-mail-reply- sort out-2 days- problem still unresolved
Ø Dear Manager,
I have bought a product from your company. After 2 days as it didn’t work, I called customer care who, then put me through automated teleservices. I was put on hold for 19 minutes, after that the call got disconnected. So, I wrote an e-mail and waited for a reply. They sorted out the problem and responded after 2 days. But the problem is still unresolved.
Thanks & Regards
10) Write an email to your team member appreciating his hard work which resulted in a completion of your team project on time.
CRM project-this week delivery-unexpected server crash-late for delivery-emergency-mode action plan executed-team hard work-late night-delivered service-on time-clients pleased-quality.
Ø Dear team member,
In designing of the CRM project, which is on this week delivery list we had suffered an unexpected server crash. And it resulted in late for delivery, resulting in emergency. But, you played a key role in recovering the lost work by executing mode action plan. Working late nights, the team hard work  has  delivered service on time with expected quality . Finally clients were pleased . Hope you  guys continue the same in future.
Xxxxxxxxxxx, Team Lead.
11)You are the project leader for a team of 20 members.  As the team members are not submitting the weekly time sheets regularly, you need to email them stressing the need to submit without fail.  Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same.

can be accessed online-lead to loss of pay-every week-do not default-used to bill client-actual working hours-by Friday-failure to adhere-time sheet filling application.
Ø Dear All,
Filling up time sheets is the only way, to measure your hard work. By this, the actual working hours of each one of you, at the end of every week can be counted. And it is used to bill you all to the client, which is directly linked to your monthly salary. It leads to loss of pay for any particular day, for which time sheet is not filled. Please adhere to the company guidelines & fill the same on daily basis or at least weekly basis. Time sheet filling application can be accessed online in our intranet portal.
Project Lead
12) You are a part of corporate communication team in your company. The working time period is revised as 8:30 am to 5:00pm. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to the employees in your company informing the same
by 30 minutes to avoid traffic – effect from next week – lunch duration – revise working time – reduced by 10 minutes – free breakfast – office will start earlier – till the end of rainy season – will be in effect
Dear All,
We hereby announce a change in the work timings as 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM, will be in effect from next week, till the end of rainy season Which means, office hours would start earlier by 30 minutes to avoid traffic during peak hours  in monsoons. Also, revised working time includes reduction of lunch duration by 10 minutes & timings of free breakfast are now applicable from 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM only. Please adhere to the new timings.
Have a nice day
Lead - Corporate Communications
13) As your company is doing good business and expanding, your company is relocating it’s office to a new address. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your customer informing the change in address.
near outer ring road – shifting to – bigger office space – November 10 – change in telephone number – new address is provided below – fourth floor – Cesina Business Park
Ø Dear All,
We are happy to announce that we are shifting to a much spacious office from November 10th onwards.  It is indeed a great sign of our ever growing business & our increasing clientele. Hence, for a better productivity results, our management has taken a decision of increasing the team size & allocate us a much more spacious facility with all the modern state of art amenities. Please also make a note of new telephone number (reception number)-xxx-xxxxxxxx.  Our new address is provided below- Fourth Floor, Cesina Business Park, Near Outer Ring Road, and Bangalore. Lets us all make the most use of the resources available in the said new office to serve our clients better.
Thanks & Regards
14 )Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your parents describing the experience related to your first campus interview.
80 minutes – tensed – formal shirt – negative marking – polish – write a program – early in the morning – written test – four member panel – explain – offer – very happy
Ø Dear Parents,
I’m very happy to share my first interview experience with you. Firstly, I started early in the morning to reach the interview place within time, wearing a formal shirt and polished shoes. First phase is written test for 80 minutes duration. Since, it has negative marking; I attempted carefully and got qualified. And next is technical round with four member panel but individual interview. At first, I was bit tensed. Initially, they asked me write a program on factorial implementation. I wrote and explained to them. Similarly, I attempted all other questions they offered confidently and waiting for the result.
Take care of yourselves
15) Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words to a company requesting them to sponsor your college cultural festival.
pdf file – reputed institute - 10 days - 200 college – sparkling performance – extravaganza – sponsor the event – request appointment – brochure attached
Dear Sir,
I’m representative of cultural department from LBRCE, a reputed institute. We are planning to have a cultural festival for 10 days and inviting 200 colleges. There would be sparkling performances and the program would be a extravaganza. I wish it would be helpful if you sponsor the event on behalf of your company. The pdf file of brochure is attached to this mail. So, I request appointment to meet you.
Thanks & Regards
Xxxxxxxxxx, Department Head.
16) Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words to your final year project guide explaining the delay in the project submission.
submission date - foreign edition books - Schedule - 10th June - laptop crash - delay in printing – overall status - 9 days - approve the extension - shortage of money
Ø Dear Sir,
Due to unexpected laptop crash, I lost the soft copies of foreign edition books which are used for documentation of my project. Moreover, I’m suffering with shortage of money right now. The actual submission date is 10th June, but there will be a delay in recovering all the lost work and printing documentation. So, overall status backup need 9 days i.e., up to 19th June. Please approve the extension.