TCS- Pre-Interview Tips

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Dear Aspirants

An Interview is your platform...your opportunity to make a mark...

To showcase your skills & highlight your strengths...To demonstrate your Attitude & prove your mettle...Hence, be clear about one thing i.e., that You must enjoy it all.
Be your Natural self. And Don’t sound like not a Programmed Robot

Enjoy the basic idea of a conversation with another person.

Focus not on others’ questions, but on your responses and objectives...

Remember it is clear, that it is about You... Your skills...your life...your 
achievements...your future.

 Hence, set the tone...make the Interviewer ask you questions on what you love to talk about...

Don’t try to know too many questions and too many standard answers... 

Remember, it’s not others questions that matter... it’s the way you respond to them and most importantly, showcase your skills, strengths and attitude.

Instead, know your facts well...Develop clarity on every little issue...& Focus on projecting your ideas with a lot of self- belief.

Double-check your Resume...Rectify silly typographical errors...

·        Know your resume well- from objective to all other components lie, educational details, projects, Internship, achievements, Hobbies etc...,

·        Focus on sounding different... talk with a lot of passion when it comes to question about project, activities such as paper presentation, workshops, Internship etc.

     And also about career, Industry, Technologies-Present & Future...

·        Talk tactfully...Don’t be more revealing...

·        Only say that you are focused on a career with TCS ...other things can wait for another day.

Prepare on the following:
  • Your hobbies
  • Education details such marks/percentages (particularly deviations you have to explain and justify),
  • Places of previous study
  • Favourite subjects,(What & why)
  • Favourite Leaders,sports or Movie personalities,teachers,experiences(memories) etc.
  • Favourite Languages,platforms in software...
  • Try to know a bit about Technologies like, Cloud computing, Big Data, Data Anaytics,Ethical Hacking, Mobile computing, Mobile Operating systems like Andriod,IOS or Windows etc.
  • About Latest Movie or best movie...After carefully listening to the question, answer appropriately...Narrate if asked to do so by including theme, lead characters, message, important persons or facts
  • Know about TCS (Very important, refer to fact sheet)
  • Why TCS... why TCS , not any other company...what is so special about TCS... Why TCS for a Non-CSE/IT Graduate...Facts about TCS(Key people,revenue,employees,values,sectors,services,countries etc.)
  • Make a note of major news items of the recent times (Read the newspapers at least of the past few days for knowing major national/international social,political,economic &technological issues.
  • Read the Interview Day’s newspaper
  • About salary
  • About project (answer in a structured way- start with title,area,objectives , platform,outcome , application and any specific experiences) ; Internship
  •  Use proper body language and eye contact (always stay focused)
  • Don’t get carried away by the praise or appreciation or compliment given by the Interviewer...Simply thank them and stay focused on being gentle, polite and assertive only.
  • Do not criticise others, nor blame anybody...If possible appreciate others genuinely...Do not hesitate to acknowledge others contributions, help or any other gesture.
  • Accept mistakes or failures gracefully...Don't argue without sufficient reasons
  • Clearly show your willingness to learn and be passionate and sincere in your tone and facial expressions.
  • Use correct language and maintain good pitch and volume while speaking.

Finally, believe in yourself and manage yourself’s all about managing those moments well...managing others expectations well...Knowing or not knowing is irrelevant.

Remember, the size of a Dog does not matter in a fight, but the size of the fight in a Dog that matters.

Finally, let’s put it clearly and simply, Be clear about your purpose- To showcase your skills, strengths and also hide your weaknesses.

Maintain good posture and Body language. Open up and enjoy the conversation...It’s going to make the other person (Interviewer) feel good...

Don't show your frustration, even though you are under pressure during the Interview.

Your resume is your passport. 

Know it thoroughly and use it as your best possible companion... 

Feel happy that , at least there is this Resume acting  as a common point of reference between you and the Interviewer and making your job easy and predictable.

Be ready for long waiting periods and frequent rescheduling ... Take those positively...

Make prior arrangements for eatables, water and share with friends...
Don’t starve yourself....stay positive, energetic and focused even at odd or late hours...

Stay positive under any circumstances.

Remember a Job & Career is your concern and it is YOU who needs to put more efforts...

The Game needs YOU

Good Luck...

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