Financial Software & Systems- Test Process

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Dear Aspirants Even though you have reached the business end of your semester wherein Exams and pre-Exam related activities/assignments would occupy bulk of your Mindspace as well as Timespace, yet it would be productive if you open up a bit and accommodate Recruitment events as well. The upcoming pool drive by FSS (Financial Software Solutions)  at KL University promises to be yet another test of not just your abilities/skills, but also a test of your self- belief, endurance and above all, being imaginative.
 Plz. Find below the Test Pattern as well: 1.       Online Aptitude test ( 90 mins)
2.       Group discussion (10 mins)3.       1st level technical interview ( Duration  30 - 45 mins) (Elimination round)
 Focus areas: C,C++ ,JAVA etc..4.   2nd level of interview with the Head - Software Product and HR - Head either thru face-to- face or over the VC / WebEx Company Profile Financial Software and Systems (FSS) is a global leader in payments technology and transaction processing, offering business value in the areas of electronic payments and financial transaction processing solutions & services. The company has earned the status of being a payments systems leader through a combination of established portfolio of technology solutions, state-of-the-art infrastructure and 24 years of experience in the payments domain. Headquartered in Chennai, India, FSS has established a global footprint in Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Singapore and the United States of America.Employees – Powering the success of FSSFSS employs over 1,500 professionals, delivering an entire spectrum of payment systems and services that are trusted by more than 100 companies worldwide, including some of the world’ largest public and private sector banks, financial institutions and payment processors.Integrated payment processing leaderAs one of the largest independent payments processor in India, FSS’ hosted services enable over 30 banks and financial organizations to process millions of transactions every day, securely and efficiently. The company’s products and services have an integrated perspective of the payments domain and help provide complete solutions to clients across the globe. The company has made significant investments in building state-of-the-art infrastructure including a Tier 3 standard Data Centre, and a strong pool of specialized resources with skill sets in the spectrum of payments. For clients, this translates into trust, commitment and stability they can count on. For more Info visit: