TCS emerges as the Top employer amidst fears of lower jobs post automation

7/25/2016 08:59:00 am 10 Comments

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It's great that the NASSCOM figures officially confirm TCS as the largest employers in the IT industry in India as per its latest release. It clearly leads the pack of Indian IT majors. At the end of June, 2016, TCS had a total headcount of 3.62 lakh while Infosys and Wipro had 1.97 lakh and 1.73 lakh, respectively. The Indian IT-BPM industry's employee base has reached a total of 3.7 million with an addition of 2 lakh employees in 2015-16. About 1.1 million jobs were added in the last 5 years, according to another Nasscom report.Nearly 1.3 million employed in the sector are women. 
Let's turn leaf and see the other side of the IT spectrum. The reports about the impact of automation and digitization that is threatening to derail the IT juggernaut,  could lead to massive job losses in the years to come and could adversely impact job security. Reports after report add credence to these fears.  Simplilearn's state of India Technology Skills Report suggests at the prospect of IT/ITES employees getting the hit by 2017-18.
The World Economic Forum hints at the rapid momentum gained by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and could possibly affect millions of jobs over the next 5-10 time horizon.
Mostly, the analysts blame automation,Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies along with globalisation and changing consumer profiles for the looming danger.
However, the analysts are hopeful that professionals with right skillsets will be able to cope with the challenges of rapidly emerging technologies. The high skills areas will be most safe and the low and middle skilled jobs are going to be the worst hit. Amidst all this gloom, experts suggest regular skill upgradation , especially in the newer or, future technologies like Cloud,Big Data,Biz. Analytics,AI,IoT,Mobility,Data scinece,Cyber security etc. 

In fact,Nasscom also hints at lower number of Fresh hirings in the current or,next financial year due to pressure on margins, besides automation danger. Last years total new addition of 2.20 Lacs could be difficult to match. However, the loss of jobs from Automation could be offset by opportunities due to off shore jobs shifting to India and well as Technology changes.
However, Jobs requiring routine or repetitive tasks could face the biggest risk, that calls for all to focus on move up the higher learning chain, by focusing on new and specialized/high value skillsets.
The above issues have been put up before young engineering aspirants to make them get a sense of the dynamic world of a Technology-driven Job market. It is no way to scare them or instill any fear or apprehension in them.

In fact, all must understand that it is the toughest of times that gets the Best out of human beings. so, Lets go skilling/Learning and forget the rest...


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