Factfile: Tech Mahindra

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                                   Tech Mahindra

Status: A Top Indian multinational IT company 
Parent Company: Mahindra Group
Origin: 1986
Services : IT,  Business consulting, Networking Technology, BPO
3 Pillars of philosophy : a) Accepting no limits, b) Alternative thinking and c) Driving positive change.
Headquarter: Pune
No.of employees:107,200 (As on June 2016)  
No.of countries: 90
Clients: 800 +
Industries served: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking & Insurance,communication,energy utilities,Healthcare, Manufacturing,Retail,Sports,Travel & Logistics,Entertainment,Media etc...
Revenue: 4.2 Billion US Dollars (March 2016 ending)
Notable Acquisition: Satyam Computers in 2009; merged in 2012.
Key Persons: Anand Mahendra,Chairman 
                       Vineet Nayyar, Vice Chairman  
                      CP Gurnani, CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra